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200 - Emily Gleeson and Kevin Sutton (Trans Day of Visibility)

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Jenny Mitchell
A show that aims to give a platform for sharing ideas, perspectives and feelings in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will feature local Guelphites as well as people living elsewhere around the world.

For this episode, in honour of the "Trans Day of Visibility" I gathered with Emily Gleeson and Kevin Sutton to have an open-dialogue about our respective experiences exploring life outside the gender binary. All three of us identify as "They/them", but I am often "she", Emily at times is any and all of the pronouns, and as Kevin puts it, for them, "gender is a canvas". This conversation reflects how complex this experience is, how there is so much beauty when you start to give yourself space to break out of the molds and assumptions about gender that we are often groomed to accept. It was incredible to have the space to have this conversation centred from our own experiences, in a safe environment to bond over much we are all still learning. We highly recommend you tune in - in particular, if you are a person who ever feels like you drift from what you would think of as a "typical" gender role, you might hear yourself reflected in some of this. These are important conversations, and we are so thankful to Kevin and Emily being open to this dialogue.

The episode features music in behind the dialogue, from Emily's band SWOON, and a live recording of a song of Kevin Sutton's. (Plus one of Jenny's favourite Rae Spoon songs).

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

This interview was originally recorded on March 29th, 2022