Apr 14 • 57M

201 - Joy Paul (Retired Salvation Army Officer, Volunteer at Village of Riverside Glen)

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Jenny Mitchell
A show that aims to give a platform for sharing ideas, perspectives and feelings in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will feature local Guelphites as well as people living elsewhere around the world.

This episode marks the 100th interview for Bridging the Social Distance at The Village of Riverside Glen, and I interview Joyce Paul - a retired Salvation Army Officer, who has volunteered at Riverside Glen for 15 years, and is the sister of the late Lloyd Hetherington (Our first Riverside Glen guest for this show, and the resident who initiated this pandemic-era remote interviewing CFRU/Riverside Glen collaboration). Joyce tells us about her career as a Salvation Army Officer. Joyce's parents were Salvation Army officers, and she knew since she was six years old that she wanted to become a nurse through the Salvation Army to go over to help in Africa. That's exactly what she did! After heading to England to train as a Midwife, she then lived in Africa for ten years to help in hospitals. After some time her brother Lloyd joined her, as a principal at a local school, and it was there, through her brother, that she met her husband, who also became a Salvation Army Officer. After Africa, they moved to Canada and got married, and then moved all around Canada, to northern BC, Labrador, and many other places, helping out in hospitals, schools and wherever it was needed, up until retirement when they settled in Guelph.

Joyce is a lovely guest with an interesting history, and we're thankful to her connecting to be our 100th Riverside Glen interview!

This interview was originally recorded on March 23rd, 2022