Ep 15 Caitlin Hurst (New York City)


In this episode of "Bridging the Social Distance" I interview my step-sister Caitlin Hurst, who lives in New York City. Caitlin is a publicist, working from home during this time, quarantined with her partner in Queens, one of the areas of the city hit the hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak. New York as described by Caitlin is so different than anything we've come to associate with the city - Every university asked for a full evacuation, meaning tens of thousands of young people have left the city. Many people who have homes elsewhere have left too. What's left is a New York full of almost exclusively people for whom it is their only home, and during this time that home is an intense and potentially dangerous place to stay. But despite the hard realities, we try to find some potential silver linings, imagining the shifts that may come when New Yorkers -folks used to spending every waking moment out on the town- spend quality time in their actual homes, slow down their schedules, and experience quiet where it is usually impossible.

This interview was originally recorded on March 31st, 2020