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204 - Barbara Salsberg Mathews, and Tristan O'Malley (Parkinson's Awareness Month)

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Jenny Mitchell
A show that aims to give a platform for sharing ideas, perspectives and feelings in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will feature local Guelphites as well as people living elsewhere around the world.

For this episode, in honour of Parkinson's Awareness Month, my guests are Barbara Salsberg Mathews - a multi-disciplinary visual and performance artist, retired teacher, and Board member of the Guelph Arts Council, and Tristan O'Malley - a Grade 1 teacher with a myriad of passions and interests including athletics, and playing music. Both were diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2020, and they got together for Parkinson's Awareness Month to discuss life since their diagnosis': how it has impacted their outlook on their futures, where they have found support and helpful information, and how they have managed to find silver-linings or ways to adapt or manage symptoms to continue exploring their projects and interests while navigating their changing bodies and abilities.

We really appreciate them making the time to connect and opening up about their experiences!

Helpful links/resources for Parkinson's Disease:

Guelph Wellington Parkinson's Support Group: https://psso.ca/support.../guelph-parkinsons-support-group/

Parkinson Canada:


Michael J Fox -


Davis Phinney Foundation - "Every victory counts" - https://davisphinneyfoundation.org/every-victory-counts.../

"My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson's" by Peter Dunlap-Shohl


“Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Now What?” Edited by Liz Voogjarv (Available through the editor - diagnosedwithparkinsonsnowwhat@gmail.com)

And listen to our previous episode with "Theresa Daly" - Volunteer Administrator for the Guelph Wellington Parkinson's Support Group: https://bridgingthesocialdistance.substack.com/.../202...

This interview was originally recorded on April 9th, 2022