Jun 2, 2022 • 59M

Ep 209 - Abigail Lapell

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Jenny Mitchell
A show that aims to give a platform for sharing ideas, perspectives and feelings in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will feature local Guelphites as well as people living elsewhere around the world.

For this episode I interview Abigail Lapell, a songwriter currently based in Toronto Ontario. Abigail has just released her fourth album, "Stolen Time", on Outside Music. Abigail and I have shared a label (Coax Records) and I have been enjoying watching Abigail's career unfold, and seeing her increasing success. We talk about Abigail's musical journey since her first release in 2011, and her time spent in the indie-folk scene in Montreal in the 2000s. At album number four, Abigail is on the rise - and I know from experience that a lot of these "successes" we see can hide how much work, perseverance and deflating set-backs happen behind the scenes. There are many perceive victories for Abigail (over a million plays on streaming platforms, festival bookings, successful grants) and today's interview reveals the immense amount of work behind those successes. For every "yes" there were countless no's, for the handful of festival acceptances, there are over 600 festival that said "not this year", and plays on streaming services are fun to watch, but they don't equal bodies in venues. Abigail has released a beautiful album and worked hard to be on the rise, and we hope people will check it out! We look forward to seeing what is coming for Abigail Lapell! She will be playing a show in Guelph on June 26th, and afternoon matinee at the ANAF in downtown Guelph, with Jenny Berkel and Guelph's own "Bird City"(my musical project!) . To check out all the upcoming shows, and her releases, visit


This interview was originally recorded on May 9th, 2022