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Ep 210 - Dave Edmund (The Pandemy Show)

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Jenny Mitchell
A show that aims to give a platform for sharing ideas, perspectives and feelings in the wake of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will feature local Guelphites as well as people living elsewhere around the world.

This episode is my final-for-now episode of the show, I’m hoping to return to the show later in the year, but have had some exciting life changes that have put the show on hold - I had a new baby!! (Baby is why there was a significant delay in posting this episode, but it’s finally here :) ). In honour of pausing the show, I wanted to interview someone else who - like me - had been working on a pandemic-project-during-the-pandemic, and was connected with "The Pandemy Show" - a "Podcast Uniting Humanity Through Stories of Hope, Connection, and Community in the Face of the Global Pandemy". Hosted by David Edmund, The Pandemy show started in late 2020, and has included interviews with people on nearly every continent of the world, about their experiences during this pandemic. And as you can imagine, there are tons of incredible parallels and common themes shared by the numerous guests of these two pandemic podcasts. So David and I did this mash up episode together - this episode starts with me as a guest on the Pandemy Show as the first half of the hour, followed by David as a guest on Bridging the Social Distance. And it is a fascinating and beautiful window into what the two of us have learned and experienced, and what we have all been living through the past two plus years. We highly recommend you tune in, and are so thankful to David for this amazing collaboration. Check out/listen to/subscribe to the Pandemy Show at

Rebroadcasts of Bridging the Social Distance will continue to air on CFRU, and you can check out all the past episodes here at or in CFRU's archives at

This episode was originally recorded on May 16th, 2022