Ep 33 Lauren Stein (Guelph, ON)


For this episode I interview Lauren Stein.  Lauren is an expressive arts therapist, Hebrew priestess, author and improv coach who lives here in Guelph.  We talk about how as extroverts, there are benefits to the increased use of online social networking platforms in terms of reconnecting us to our friends from afar and the opportunities to connect with people from around the world around very specific shared interests.  But the increase in the speed and availability of these technologies can take a toll on our mental health, and should be balanced with time outdoors, in nature, away from screens.  We acknowledge how incredible it is that folks are sharing how they’re doing, and checking in more, and that we are seeing amazing advancements in terms of undoing the stigma of mental health - but these are challenging times and we need to make sure we’re still taking care of ourselves as best we can, and Lauren has some pretty neat strategies for this.  Lauren’s first book “Fun at Work” about improv in the workplace, comes out on June 15th - you can sign up for her newsletter at slightlybetter.ca to follow along and find out more about all of Lauren’s projects.

This interview was originally recorded on April 23rd, 2020