Ep 34 Morgan Murray (author of "Dirty Birds", Cape Breton NS)


For this episode I interview Morgan Murray, an author living in Cape Breton NS. Morgan is about to release his debut novel, "Dirty Birds". Because of a global paper shortage, the publication has been delayed. Because of a global pandemic, there's no physical launch, or tour. But it's a fantastic book, that can exceed all the limitations of these times. It will teleport you from a tiny town in Saskatewan, to a remote, bird-covered island in Labrador, to the Plateau in Montreal, through the perspective and terrible poetry of the protagonist, "Milton Ontario" (a person, not a place). Morgan and Jenny talk about his book, and we talk about what a launch looks like in quarantine - with so much potential time to read and discover new art, could a quarantine elevate a brand new author? We can hope! The book is tentatively set to come out on June 29th, and you can find out more details at http://morganmurray.ca/

This interview was originally recorded on April 28th, 2020