Ep 35 Tyler Clarke Burke (Toronto, ON)


For this episode I interview Tyler Clarke Burke, a graphic artist and children's author living in Toronto ON. Tyler is slowly recovering from what is likely COVID - she hasn't been officially tested, but it was rough and scary, and thankfully she seems to be on the other side. We talk about this, about the scary reality of this illness, and we talk about a lot of other things too: we talk about failure, "Failing Up", the "Warrior gene", A.D.H.D, and our respective strange brains. We also talk about empathy, how difficult it can be to fathom feelings from within isolation and how important it is. This was a powerful and meaningful conversation that went a lot of interesting places, that may resonate with folks with busy brains. So tune in! Tyler has a children's book coming out this October, and you can find out more about this and her other projects by visiting http://www.tylerclarkburke.com/ or follow her on instagram, @tcbtcbtcb

Attached photo is a classic day of "home schooling" at Tyler's.

This interview was originally recorded on April 28th 2020